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Thex time we need for your painting depends on two factors:

  1. The style and the size
  2. The style selected. The oil-paint layer on an Artistic or Masters painting is richer and fuller than a painting in a Realistic style, and therefore requires longer drying time.

As soon as we have received your order and a decent photo, we will start work on it. Depending on the style and size, you have to allow about six to eight weeks processing time. You will get an email from us when we dispatch the painting

We can dispatch your painting to you once you have approved the photo of the painting, the canvas is sufficiently dry to be applied onto wooden stretchers - which takes between 3 and 6 weeks - and the framer has fitted your frame. You will receive your painting as soon as the paint is dry enough to work on the canvas. To prevent transport damage, a protective plastic film is applied to your painting.

We have three options:

  1. Rolled up - the canvas is sent rolled up in a tube
  2. Gallery wrap - The canvas applied onto wooden stretchers, the picture is stretched over these at the edges.
  3. Framed - you get the canvas stretched and framed. Ready for hanging!

EXTRA: the gift package with prestige

A special gift such as a painting also deserves special packaging. That is why you can opt for an exclusive luxury velour envelope in dark blue, dark green or red. For even more prestige and that personal touch you can have lettering embroidered onto the envelope in gold thread. The costs depend on the size and method used. You can also find more information here.

The price of your painting depends on the style selected, the size, and the frame. It goes without saying that the subjects are the most complex parts of the painting. It requires precision and skill, for example, to transfer every detail of a dog or cat's head properly onto the canvas. Naturally, that takes some time.

The complexity level of the painting - and, by implication, the price - is determined on the basis of the number of subjects depicted. The only determining factor is the number of pets/people in the photo (and not, for example, the number of houses, trees or cars).

No, you do not pay any extra for that. All alterations are free.

  1. iDEAL
  2. Credit Card: you can pay instantly with your credit card on our site
  3. PayPal

Yes! We have gift cards in different price categories. Click HERE for the options.

Once you have selected your best photo, you can easily upload it on the site. If you are unable to do this, send your photo to: studios@yourpetpaintings.nl

If you are unable to email the photo, then post it to the following address:


Your Pet Paintings Studios

Linnaeusparkweg 29A-h

1098 CN Amsterdam

If you are not sure whether your photo is suitable, you can use our free photo advice service:

just email your photo(s) to studios@yourpetpaintings.nl and we will review the material. You will then get our opinion on how suitable the image is. Do you want to use one of our professional photography partners for quality worry-free photography? Then click HERE.

A photo is suitable if you can see your pet’s details clearly.
Here are some tips for taking a close look at your photo:

  1. Send the photo with the highest resolution. If your photo is smaller than 100kB, the resolution is probably not high enough for the artist to paint a good portrait from it.
  2. Pay attention to the background. A busy background - with many people, objects, colours, etc. - can draw attention away from your pet in the foreground. In which case it is more useful to choose a plain background. We can also do that for you: you can choose from ten uniform background colours.


Additional or more detailed tips on how best to photograph your pet can be found HERE.

During the ordering process you automatically get to the Comments section. This includes a text box, where you can leave any questions or suggestions.

We can do a lot with your original photos:
we can bring subjects from different photos together in one image; we can change the style and colour of the background, and we can remove anything unwanted from the image. We can even retouch your damaged or old photos. Once you have sent your request through to us (be as specific as possible), we will let you know the options and any additional costs by email.

Where we offer size 30 x 40 cm, then we also mean 40 x 30 cm.
If you send us a landscape format photo, you will receive a landscape format painting. If the image on your photo is portrait,
it will also be portrait on the painting. If you want it the other way around - a landscape photo in portrait, or a portrait photo in landscape - mention this clearly in the text box under Comments during the order process.